God Makes a Way November 1, 2020

SER # 42Wa







TEXTS: JOSHUA  3: 1 – 17


As we begin our message, I would like to remind you if you have not voted please go vote. Your vote is very important. Today is All Saints Sunday, when we take some moment to remember the saints that have passed on and spending eternity with God. We will do that litany this coming Sunday. We have come to believe that there so many saints some of who are our own family members. The saints could be alive or death, what really matters is how much they have been able to touch our lives. The early saints were like the path finders. They guided the generations that came after them to the ways of God and what they needed to do. As we turn to our bible story today, we will see that there were some real fundamentals that the people of Israel needed to abide by so that they may cross over to the promised land. We learn from the passage that the river Jordan was flooded that meant more water flowing more than usual and God wanted them to cross at this time.

God makes a way for us when:

  1. When we act in obedience: God was giving Joshua very specific instruction of what the people needed to do in order for the miracle to happen. I have come to learn that God is able to work with the people who are: a) Faithful: This is a two-way deal. God has promised to be faithful and will always keep true to the word. Being faithful on our part calls for two things. One, to be faithful we have to be trusting. When we trust it makes it easy to keep our word. To be faithful means sometimes willing to take risk on behalf of the one we trust. We have to be willing to face certain challenges but the good thing is that we are not facing them alone. Jesus has promised to go with us every step of the way when we allow him. b) Available: we have to be available to be used by God. we can’t keep ourselves too busy with no time for God.it is when we respond like Isaiah did the we are assigned responsibilities in the Kingdom. “And I heard the voice of the LORD saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? then I said, here I am send me(Isaiah 6:8). c) Teachable: one way to continue in obedience is our willingness to learn from God. God keep on teaching us every day on way that we might continue to serve him.
  2. Be still and know that I am God: Our world if full of many noises that often make it hard to hear God speak to us. these noises are made up of many things: a) From our family: Our families are a gift from God yet they came be the force that pulls us from God’s service. God had never called us to abandon our families but he has reminded us of the order of priorities when it comes to action. Those in medical field I have heard them use the word triage. That is working out an order with which multiple patients arriving at the same time would be care for. Jesus make this clear to his disciples when he called them. Here are some words from Jesus when it comes to serving God and family. “now great crowd accompanied him, and he turned and said to them, if anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my discipleLuke 14: 25 -27). b) Our every day work: The business of the day might take away our moment with God. we live in a very busy world where there is so much to be done with very little time. We have to be intentional in curving out some time when we can spend with God. Let us not allow ourselves to be carried away. Today we have gadget that we can program to remind us when we need to take a break for God. I have seen even some watches (Apple) that tell you how much sleep you had at night. c) Quick fixes of life: People like to make quick fixes and, in the process, this type of life style may consume them in a way that they forget God is still waiting for them to open the door. There some that may not be that quick fix but promises we make to ourselves and fail to meet them. One might say when my children grow up and are able to take care of themselves I will give myself more for God, or when I retire or when I get settled. These moments come and we still fail to keep our promise.
  3. Promises to walk with us: In the text we realize there is a leadership shift as Joshua has taken over from Moses. God give Joshua an assurance that as he walked with Moses he was going to walk with him. Part of God showing that he was walking with Joshua was to perform miracles through Joshua as he did through Moses. Crossing of the Jordan river was very important and God choose the time when the river was flooded to show his might. More important here is the promise of God willing to walk with them in the new land that they were acquiring. As we journey through life is always comforting to know that our God is walking with us. But I have come to believe that God does not impose his company on us but rather wait for us to invite him on the Journey. Like we are reminded in the book of Revelation 3:20 “Behold, I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in to him/her and eat with him/her, and he/she with me.” The walk happens by invitation. Are you willing then to invite God to walk with you? When this invitation is done, we have to allow Jesus to be on the driver seat to control the going. When we invite Jesus, we have to allow Jesus in all aspects of our life. we don’t invite Jesus only at the living room but we invite him in our kitchen, bedroom, bathroom even our porch. For each of these room represents something unique in our life. Jesus final promise to his disciples was never to leave them and when he did, he promised a substitute. I will never leave you as orphans; I will come to t you (John 14:18).