Preschool through Fifth Grade

Children are not small adults. Rather they have unique needs, capabilities and learning styles. An effective children’s ministry program requires an understanding and recognition of children’s growth, development, needs and cognitive/learning abilities.

NEFUMC has developed a scope and sequence for children to learn about God and his Kingdom:

Age Level Goals and Objectives:

Our Children’s and Student Ministry departments are committed to fulfill God’s call to raise children/youth in the faith. We have a plan for the spiritual growth of the children here at FUMC:

    • We have established goals, objectives, and curriculum for each age/grade level
    • These are building blocks that build upon one another to help raise children to be Spiritual champions. In other words, raise children to be champions of the faith.
    • Each grade’s curriculum is relevant to the child’s current culture and developmental level.
  • We never use the same format of presenting God’s message for more than 2 consecutive years so that the unchanging message of God’s Word is always fresh for our children.

What is our Goal? To make disciples of our children by raising them to be Spiritual Champions.

How do we do this? Through wonderful volunteers who step out in faith and intentional based curriculum.

Why is it so important?

  • Because we are called by God.
  • Current research shows us that to be most successful at making spiritual champions of our children that we should reach out to them with the basics of Christianity, the foundation in the first 8 years of their life.
  • The next few years from 9-13 also known as the “tween” years are what we call the transition years in which our children are encouraged to discover what being a Christian truly means to them.
  • We want them to explore their many questions about Christianity so that they can take ownership of their own faith.
  • Research tells us that most people who are Christians accepted Christ as their Lord and savior by the age of 13.
  • From 14 on we work to help our youth to transform into mature Christians so that they will be strong Disciples, Spiritual Champions, who Glorify God on their life’s Journey.